Step 1 - prepare Xero by finding the reimbursements to employees and transferring them to the Pleo pocket bank account.

Reimbursements done through Pleo

  • If you are using Pleo and your wallet to reimburse expenses then the reimbursements will come via the bank feed.

  • Simply find them and click 'transfer' by selecting the 'Pleo Pocket bank account' These will be used to balance against the expenses we export from Pleo

  • Once ready click okay to move the balances to the Pocket account within Xero

Reimbursements made outside of Pleo

  • If you are paying staff outside of Pleo through one of your business bank accounts, then the process is very similar. They will arrive into Xero on the bank feed for that account. If you haven't got a bank feed you can import a bank statement.

  • Once you have found the reimbursements simply click 'Transfer' and select the 'Pleo Pocket Account' to transfer the balance to.

Step 2 - prepare Xero to reconcile

  • To reconcile the account you must have first transferred the reimbursements from either the Pleo bank feed or your business bank feed.

  • It is also important you export the expenses to Xero

  • Once ready you should have the expenses and reimbursements sitting under the 'account transactions' tab of the 'Pleo Pocket account'

Step 3 - Checking the balance before reconciling

  • Head back to pleo

  • Find the pocket section and click 'download' then 'pocket statement'

  • Check that the balance matches the 'Balance in Xero'

  • Check the 'Balance in Xero' (found on the 'Pleo Pocket account' screen in Xero)

  • Check the pdf downloaded from Pleo

  • ** You will usually have a balance that is not 0, these are the expenses that haven't been reimbursed or cash sat in someone's pocket left over after withdrawing cash. (You can see this under the receivables from employees on the pocket statement.

  • If the account balances highlight the expenses and reimbursements and mark the as reconciled.

What happens if my account does not balance?

  • First head to your export section and check if there are any pocket expenses you needed to export still

  • Next check that all the reimbursements and expenses up to the day you want to reconcile are in the account.

  • Once all reimbursements and expenses are here the account will balance.

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