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How to set up the custom format for Navision
How to set up the custom format for Navision

Learn how to create a custom format export file in Pleo that is importable to Navision.

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Step 1: Create a new contra-account in Navision

  1. Make sure to create a new balance contra account and call it Pleo

  2. We recommend you choose an available number close to your regular bank-account number.

Step 2: Create a new Pleo-journal in Navision

  1. Go to the search function in the top right corner and click "General Journals".

  2. Click on the arrow point down next to batch name after which all your journals should open up.

  3. Click "new" and call your new journal "Pleo". Under description you can write "Pleo expenses".

  4. Lastly, underneath Bal. Account. No add your Pleo contra-account.

Step 3: Edit your Pleo Navision Journal

All columns with data from Pleo should be to the left of the freeze pane while the columns to the right side of the freeze pane should be the ones automatically populated by Navision. Next step is to make sure the journal fits with the export file from Pleo.

  1. Click on your Pleo journal in Navision.

  2. Right click on one of the column names at the top and select "choose columns".

  3. Use the buttons "Move Up/Move Down" to make the following order up until the freeze pane.

Posting date

Document no

Account type

Account no.



Contra Account

Other dimensions e.g. employee code, department code, project code

Remarks (only some Navision versions have this)

Step 4: Setting up in Pleo

Next step in this process is to create the export-file in Pleo, so that it fits with your Navision Journal.

  1. Click "Create your own format" to the right

  2. Enter your contra-account in the top field

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page until you see "File format"

  4. Underneath column A click "new" and create the following order



Data source


Posting date

Authorized date (click on the 3 small dots inside the green box to change the date format)


Document no.

Receipt number


Account type

Static value "Finance"


Account no.

Account number



Note + Employee name



Settled amount


Contra Account

Contra account


Other dimensions

Tag or department code



Receipt URL (only if you have the Remarks column in Navision)

6. Final step is to click the button "Format settings: One line & XLSX"

7. Click "List expense as positive" and make sure file type is "Excel".

Step 5: Exporting from Pleo to Navision

  1. Open this guide to understand how export works

  2. After this, jump to Export in order to export your first expense from Pleo

  3. Open your Excel-file with the expense and copy the data

  4. Jump into your Pleo-journal in Navision.

  5. Right click and select "paste rows".

  6. The expense data should hopefully now fit into your Pleo-journal.

Good to know - Getting the receipt into Navision

Navision comes in many different versions. Some can import receipt url's while others can't.

If you can add the column "Remarks" in your Nav-journal, you are able to get the receipt url. If you don't have this column, we can guarantee you can have the receipt url transferred.

If you have any issues setting this up, kindly reach out to your dedicated CSM or Support who can help you.

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