How to fix TFL transactions in Xero
Learn how to correct Transport for London transactions causing balance issues in Xero
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The challenge with TFL transactions

Transport for London (TFL) can be a bit quirky when it comes to billing commuters. They might charge you for a single journey, and then update the original expense—adding on fares from subsequent journeys—several days later.

By this time, the original Pleo expense has already been sent to Xero via the Pleo Bank Feed. This creates a problem when you later need to reconcile expenses after exporting them from Pleo.

The solution

  1. After exporting the all expenses from Pleo to Xero, identify which TFL transactions don't match up between the Pleo Bank Feed and the list of exported expenses.

  2. Delete any Pleo Bank Feed statement lines that don't match up:

  3. Manually reconcile the correct expenses from the account transactions tab in Xero. The second half of this article explains how.

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