We're big fans of automation and were very happy to see that Forward to Pleo works with automatically forwarded emails from Outlook, Thunderbird and similar email applications.

Looking for instructions for Gmail? Then follow the auto-forwarding instructions for Gmail or Google Workspace.

There are three common ways to make the most of automatic forwarding, we hope you will find the feature useful:

Forwarding in Outlook

When setting up forwarding rules in Outlook, you can choose between "Forwarding" or "Redirecting", and it's important that you select "Forwarding". Our tests so far indicate that this will enable you to fully automate forwarding of emails.

Setting up rules for auto-forwarding

Please be careful about what emails are automatically forwarded. At Pleo we really don't want to receive any private or sensitive emails, so be mindful of the rules you configure.

You could for instance create a rule for each merchant's billing email, e.g. based on their sender address, their subject line or similar.

Recommended rule

A good rule could be based on the “To” address, where you enter the variation of your email address for which you would like to create a filter.

If this feature is available for you, a forwarding rule could be based on the recipient address like this:

You could add anything after the plus, but to make it easier remember you might just use the word “receipt”. This is totally up to you - you just need to use this every time you want to trigger auto-forwarding.

This is called "plus addressing". You can also read more about configuring email forwarding in Microsoft 365.


In some cases, your Admin may have disabled auto-forwarding (read more about Office 365 security), in that case you will need to speak with your Admin.

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