The projects module in e-conomic

Find out about the dependencies of the projects module before asking support to enable it for your Pleo account

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How to enable the projects module for you Pleo integration

If you would like to have the e-conomic projects module synced with Pleo, you can reach out to our support team to enable that for you.

Before we enable the module

There are a few things that are good to know beforehand:

  • You need to import tag groups (departments, projects, and cost types) directly from e-conomic to Pleo. If you add tags another way (e.g., uploading a spreadsheet), then the export will fail.

  • If a Pleo expense has a projects tag, then it also needs a cost type tag (and vice versa). If an expense only has one or the other tag, then the export will fail.

  • For expenses that are tagged with projects and cost types, the Pleo Category (a.k.a. account number in e-conomic) is not exported from Pleo to e-conomic. But the project and cost type will be exported from Pleo/imported to e-conomic.

  • If your project module has its own contra account in e-conomic, then that will override the general contra account selected for Pleo expenses.

  • Cost Types that are blocked in e-conomic are still imported to Pleo. The e-conomic API (that the integration depends on) does not allow Pleo to filter these out.

If you don't mind the above dependencies, just let us know and we'll be happy to set the module live for your Pleo account.

What an expense looks like in e-conomic after being exported from Pleo

  • When looking at the image below, the "project expense" from January 4th shows a scenario where the project and cost centre tags have been used. In this case, the project module is enabled, meaning that the contra account number - 5817 - linked to the project module has been applied instead of the Pleo category. The cost centre tag is 3600 and the project tag is 75.

  • In the "normal expense" (i.e., without the project module) below, no cost centre or project tag is applied. A department tag is applied, however, and in this case the Pleo Category was exported.

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