We're excited to let Pleo users forward their receipts or paid invoices by email, and we'll do the hard work of matching the receipt to the expense.

Why you might like it:

Easily handle many PDF receipts

Downloaded a big pile of PDF receipts or invoices and tired of matching them to the appropriate expense? Just forward them! We'll match each PDF file to the relevant expense. This is particularly handy if you have a lot of spend with companies that won't send you receipt emails.

Save time

The receipt is in the body of the email? No problem, forward it anyway and we'll automatically convert the email to a PDF document and match it to the relevant expense.

Unable to connect to Fetch?

No problem, using this feature you are essentially forwarding your receipts to Fetch, which is Pleo's automatic matching of receipts and expenses.

How to use it:

  • Send an email containing one or more receipts to: forward@fetch.pleo.io

  • Send from the email address you use to sign in with Pleo

  • The receipt can be text in the email body or in attached PDF files, doesn’t matter.

See it in action:


What if the email is in my personal mailbox?

  • If the email is not in your work email, then first forward to your work email and then from there forward to forward@fetch.pleo.io

Will you create a new expense if a matching expense doesn't exist?

  • No, Forward to Pleo matches receipts with card transactions or manually created Pocket expenses. If you forwarded the email before the transaction occurred (sometimes merchants send the invoice in advance), we’ll wait and attach the receipt later.

Can I setup auto-forwarding?

Must Fetch be enabled?

  • No, all Pleo users can forward receipts, even if Fetch is disabled.

Will you match receipts to expenses from last year?

  • No, right now there's a limit where we only go 40 days back, and we only look for the most recent 100 expenses that are missing receipts.

Can you match an image receipt?

  • At the moment we cannot detect text in images, so to match the receipt must contain text and numbers.

Known issues:

  • There are millions of different invoice formats in the world, so we won't always be able to match.

  • A payment with multiple receipts or a receipt with multiple payments won't work.

  • If you have multiple expenses with the same date, amount and merchant it won't work.


Submit your feedback regarding forwarding receipts to the engineering team using this feedback form.

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