This article explains what to do if you see a Datev export error mentioning Kassenminusprüfung (negative account balance), Belegkreis nicht gefunden (the account was not found), or Anfangsbestand.

Error: Es ist ein Kassenminusprüfung aufgetreten (a negative account balance occurred)

The cause:

Wallet loads from Pleo can also be exported to Datev, in which case they show up as credits which are then offset against Pleo expenses (debits). For this reason, the account in Datev needs to be able to go into minus with the total balance. When Datev isn’t set up this way, the above error message appears in Pleo.

The solution:

Change the account details in the relevant Datev account. To do so, click “Optionen” (options) in the top right, then click then “Kassenstammdaten verwalten” (manage account data).

Next, click "deaktivieren” (deactivate). Please note that you might need special permission to be able to change this in Datev.

If it's not possible to change the above setting (i.e., the button is greyed out), then the account (Kasse) should be deleted and re-created with the negative account balance (Kassenminusprüfung) disabled.

Error: Belegkreis im Kassenbuch nicht gefunden (the account was not found)

The cause:

This comes up when the contra account in Pleo does not match the account (Kasse) in Datev.

The solution:

Create an account (Kasse) for Pleo in Datev:

Then add that same number to Pleo’s settings page:

Error: Vor dem Anfangsbestand... (Before the date of the opening balance… )

The cause:

The export fails when an expense is dated before the opening date of the balance in Datev (Datum Anfangsbestand). For example, an expense from June 1st cannot be exported into an account (Kasse) which starts on June 15.

The solution:

While it’s possible to re-open accounts for certain accounting tools, this is generally not possible in Datev. There are two alternative solutions:

  • To create a new account (Kasse) in Datev which fits the time frame of the expenses that need to be exported from Pleo.

  • Create the expense in Datev manually (having downloaded the receipt over from the Pleo expense). Next, remove the expense from Pleo by switching to the generic format and then reconnecting to Datev.

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