What to do if you see message "Validation failed"
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The cause:

The whole export fails as the account number in Pleo is blocked in e-conomic. The account number might be blocked because the wrong team code has been added in Pleo. Team codes should reflect department values in e-conomic.

The solution:

There are three different ways to solve this.

  • In e-conomic, go to Settings (Indstillinger), Finance (Regnskab), and chart of accounts (Kontoplan). Click the pen icon to edit (Redig​​ér) a specific account, and then toggle from blocked (Spærret) to open (Åben), and click save (Gem).

  • Change the Team code in Pleo (People - Teams - click on a team) to one that matches the department value in e-conomic:

  • Re-import tags directly from e-conomic (Settings - Accounting - Tags - Re-import) to automatically update the team codes:

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