How to withdraw funds from your Pleo Wallet

Transfer money from your Pleo Wallet back to your company's bank account.

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Here's how to send some (or all) of the funds in your Wallet back to your business account. The Withdraw function is accessible to admins and bookkeepers with advanced Wallet permission.

Once you initiate a withdrawal, all Pleo account admins will receive two emails. The first email goes out once you have submitted the withdrawal form, and the second once Pleo sends the funds back.

For the UK and euro currency countries

  1. Go to your "Wallet."

  2. Click on "Withdraw".

  3. Enter the amount to send back

    The bank account details in the withdrawal form are pre-filled according to the source of the Wallet funds. If you have used more than one business bank account to send funds to Pleo, you will be able to select the preferred account from a dropdown list.

  4. Click "Next".

  5. Click "Confirm withdrawal".

Once submitted, the funds will arrive in your company's bank account within 1-3 business days.

For Denmark and Sweden

The process is similar to the above steps for UK and euro currency countries. The only differences are due to specific banking regulations in Denmark and Sweden:

  • For Danish customers, the funds will be transferred back to the bank account associated with your company's CVR number. If you need the funds to be sent to a new account, we'll first need to whitelist said account. Please do a manual top-up (the amount can be 1 DKK) from the new account. Once received, the new account will appear as an option when withdrawing funds.

  • For Swedish customers, business bank account details need to be entered manually, along with a bank statement confirming the details:

  • For both Danish and Swedish accounts, it can take up to 10 business days for the funds to arrive in your business bank account.

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