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Do you receive Wellness Allowance at work? Fantastic! 💪

Wellness allowance is a tax-free benefit that employers can offer their employees, which can be used for a variety of activities that help you stay healthy both physically and mentally ❤️

Feel free to check out the Swedish Tax Agency's guidelines 👀

However, keeping track of the budget during the year can be easier said than done - both for employees and for the finance/HR department.

Therefore, we have created a feature for this in Pleo!

How can I use Pleo for Wellness?

You can use both your Pleo card and make Pocket expenses for Wellness expenses and keep track of your budget; it is linked to your company's Wellness category.

See budget before purchase:

  1. Go to Profile at the bottom right of the app.

  2. Click on "Friskvård" in the menu.

  3. Here you see your own budget status; how much has already been used and how much is left until the end of the year.

  4. Click in the Budget box to see which purchases have been made previously.

Report Wellness expenses:

  1. Pay with Pleo card or create a Pocket expense.

  2. Select the Category you use for Wellness/Friskvård.

  3. The budget meter is updated and shows how the purchase fits to the budget.

  4. The meter is green if the purchase is within budget, and red if the purchase is over budget.

  5. Pocket expenses can be edited to a lower amount if the purchase is over budget.

Review Wellness expenses:

  1. Reviewers can see their team's Wellness expenses and their budget.

  2. The meter is green if the purchase is within budget, and red if the purchase is over budget.

  3. The person in charge of the Review can easily see whether Wellness expenses are within or over budget, and mark the expenses accordingly in Pleo.

Frequently asked questions about Wellness

Can I use both Pleo cards and Pocket for Wellness expenses?

Yes, both work well and count towards the same budget. The budget is linked to the Category you use for Health Care, regardless of whether you pay with a Pleo card or report expenses via Pocket.

Can we set different budgets for different employees?

Yes, by creating a "Custom Budget" in Friskvård settings. Custom budgets can be useful for e.g. part-time employees, mid-year hires, and employees who have spent part of their Wellness allowance outside of Pleo.

For which period is the Wellness budget calculated?

Wellness allowance is calculated during the calendar year, 1 January - 31 December. The budget resets on 1 January for all users you have in Pleo. The period cannot be changed.

Can Admins get a report on all Wellness expenses?

Yes, by going to "Wallet" and "Pocket" in the Export page and filtering on the Wellness category, it is possible to download a spreadsheet with all Wellness expenses.

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