Benefit allowance (available to customers in the UK and Sweden)

Offering a benefit allowance is a great way to make people feel valued at work and improve employee engagement. Many of our customers give their employees an allowance to go towards such as wellness, work-from-home equipment, learning/development, and more. We're happy that our customers in the UK and Sweden (where benefit allowance is called "Friskvård") can use and track their allowance with Pleo.

This article explains:

How to enable benefit allowance

Admins and extended-access bookkeepers can enable benefit allowances.

  1. Click "Settings".

  2. Click "Benefit allowance".

  3. Assign a category. If you need to add a new category for benefit allowance, you can do so here.

  4. Add a standard allowance (per person, per year).

  5. If relevant, you can also add custom allowances per employee. This might be useful for part-time employees and/or mid-year hires.

How to view your benefit allowance 

  1. Go to your account (smily icon in the bottom right of the mobile app).

  2. Click "Benefit allowance". This will show you how much of your allowance is left to spend, and how long you have before it expires at the end of the year.

  3. Click on the benefit allowance amount to view any related expenses.

How to mark an expense as part of your benefit allowance

  1. Pay with your Pleo card or submit an out-of-pocket expense.

  2. Select the category used for the allowance. If you're not sure which category is correct, please contact your admin and ask them.

  3. The allowance bar will pop up, showing you how much is left to spend (or if you've overspent). The bar is green if the expense is within the allowance amount, and red if it is over. Out-of-pocket expenses can be edited to fit the allowance, should the amount be over budget.

How to review benefit allowance expenses

Allowance expenses can be reviewed in both the Pleo mobile and web apps.

  1. When reviewing an expense, look out for the benefit allowance category. The bar will be green if the expense is within your colleague's allowance, and red if it's over.

  2. Based on the above, you can decide to mark the expense as okay or not.


Can I use both Pleo cards and Reimbursements to make benefit allowance expenses?

Yes, both cards and Reimbursements can be used to make expenses and spend the Benefit allowance. The allowance amount is tied to a category in Pleo, so both card and out-of-pocket expenses will contribute to the same allowance amount.

Can Admins see employees' allowance spend and status in the web app? 

Yes. Admins, bookkeepers and reviewers can all see employees' allowance status in Expense details in the Web app, both on the Expenses page and Reimbursements page.

Can I download a spreadsheet of all allowance expenses?

Yes, in the "Wallet" and "Reimursements" tabs in the Export page, you can filter by the Category used for the allowance and download a spreadsheet of all expenses made on that Category.

Can we set up more than one benefit allowance?

No, not yet. However, we would love to learn more about how we can help you manage Benefit allowances in Pleo, so please reach out to us with your feedback.

Can we set up monthly or quarterly allowances?

No, not yet. Currently, only yearly allowances running 1 Jan - 31 Dec are supported. That said, we'd be happy to hear any feedback/suggestions.

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