What if a merchant requires my name to be on the Pleo card?

Some merchants may question why your name is not printed on your Pleo card and request more information before processing a payment. If this occurs you should:

  1. Show the merchant the back of your Pleo plastic card
  2. Point to the see Pleo App for identification icon next to the signature-box and CVV
  3. Log in to your Pleo App on your phone
  4. Click Cards in the lower left corner
  5. Click Plastic in the top bar
  6. Show the merchant that the final 4 last digits of your Pleo plastic card match those recorded in the app

While this may be annoying it seldom occurs. Know that it is in part due to the lack of names on Pleo cards that we can distribute them to you so quickly and efficiently, while also maintaining security and convenience through the use of our app.

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