This article covers:

  • How to enable the integration

  • How to create a Pleo "bank" account in Holded

  • How to fill in the Pleo accounting settings

How to enable the integration

  1. Please make sure that you're signed in to both Pleo and Holded.

  2. In Pleo, click "Settings".

  3. Click "Accounting".

  4. Under "Integrations & Templates", click "Holded Online" for the direct integration:

  5. The on-screen instructions will ask you to go into Holded to copy over an API key.

  6. Login to Holded.

  7. Click on your profile in the top right corner.

  8. Click "Settings".

  9. Under "More", click "Developers".

  10. Click on "New Api Key".

  11. Type a name (e.g., Pleo) and click Save.

  12. Copy your APIKEY from Holded.

  13. Back in Pleo, paste the Holded key here and click "Connect":

Create a Pleo "bank" account in Holded

Set up an account for Pleo expenses:

  1. In Holded, click "Banking" (Spanish: "Bancos").

  2. Click on the "Add Account" button in the top right-hand corner:

  3. Click "Bank" (Spanish: "Banco"):

  4. Start typing "Pleo" and then click on the field that appears below:

  5. You'll be prompted to enter your IBAN and BIC/SWIFT numbers. Go to the Wallet page in Pleo, click "Top-up", copy over your Pleo details into the respective fields in Holded, and click "Save".

    Done! You've now created an account for Pleo. It's good to know that in Holded, Pleo is managed as a bank account. However, Pleo is not a bank, meaning there's no direct bank account sync in Holded. However, any Pleo expenses will appear in the account that you created, as well as in the Reconciliation section in Holded.

How to fill in the Pleo accounting settings

Back in Pleo:

  1. Co to the Accounting page to make sure the account fields are filled out.

  2. Because you've already connected to Holded, the list of ("bank") accounts that you created in Holded will be automatically synced. So you can select the right account from the list:

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