Let's not waste time on out-of-pocket reimbursements, especially when handling them through a separate bank account, not to mention having your valued team waiting on funds to be returned. Do it all in Pleo instead!

How will direct reimbursements work?

Once enabled, this will allow people to reimburse themselves for Pocket expenses using their personal debit or credit card and funds will be taken directly from the Pleo wallet.

  1. An admin can set up the feature via the pocket page by clicking on Enable

  2. A review threshold reminder will appear to allow you to set up a pocket specific review on teams

  3. Once set, employees can settle their own expenses by adding their personal card details to reimburse themselves via the mobile app. See more here

  4. The funds will be withdrawn form the wallet and will appear as a Pocket transfer expense

  5. The charge for a card reimbursement is 0.9% of the expense with a maximum fee of £1/€1/10DKK

  6. Pleo can only reimburse directly to Visa or Mastercard cards.

How can employees add their personal cards?

Currently only an employee can add their personal debit or credit card to reimburse themselves through the latest version of the mobile app. You can read more on how this works here.

  • Once a card is added it will be noted on the employee section of Pocket with a small card icon noted their card is added.

  • Remember an employee can only reimburse themselves once the pocket balance is below their team review threshold or has been already approved by the admin or reviewer.

How can I account for direct reimbursements?

Reimbursements will show up in your export page as "Pocket transfers". When exporting, the item will reflect a movement of funds from your Pleo Wallet account to your Pleo Pocket account in your accounting system.

All the transactions will be exported to your account system to the Pocket Contra Account you have set up previously in your setting page.

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