Before you can import your departments from e-conomic, it is important you make sure to have set up the connection between Pleo and e-conomic. Once done, you have two ways of making use of e-conomic's departments-module in Pleo.

1. If the employee makes purchases across different departments

Do your employees sometimes buy on behalf of different departments? Picking this option requires your employees to do an active act, in terms of selecting the right department for each single expense.

  • Click on "settings".

  • Go to "Accounting".

  • Click on "Tags"

  • Create a tag-group and call it "Departments"

  • Open up the newly created tag-group and click "Import" in the top right corner.

  • From here you should be able to import your departments from e-conomic.

2. If the expenses of your employees are always related to the same department

Do your employees never make purchases on behalf of different departments? If picking this option, the employee does not have to actively select a department post-purchase.

  • Click on "Users"

  • Select "Teams"

  • Create your departments

  • Enter the right department code underneath "Code"

  • Add the team members


  • Option 1 allows the user to select different departments for different expenses. Adding a department to the expense this way, requires an active act from the user.

  • If going for Option 2, your employees do not have to think about adding the right department to the expense. Their expenses will always have the same department added to them.

  • You can only have a maximum of 3 active tag-groups. If you have already created 3 tag-groups, you need to archive one of them.

  • It is not possible to hide certain departments for certain users.

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