You already use departments in E-conomic and want to combine this with the issues in Pleo? No problem.

To import the departments to Pleo, please make sure you have connected Pleo to E-conomic. Go to Settings -> Accounting and select E-conimc as your accounting system.

Then go to the menu Settings -> Tags. Here you will see an overview of all tag groups that have already been created. Create a new tag group and name it.

You can have a maximum of 3 active tag groups, in case you have already created 3 groups, we recommend to archive one of them.

Open the newly created tag group and click on "import" in the upper right corner. Then select the departments from E-conomic and you are done. Each department is now represented by a single tag, which can be assigned to an output.

When you export, the expenses will now contain the department number in addition to the standard information (amount, trader, note, receipt, etc.).

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