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Privacy and security
Privacy and security
Logging into your Pleo account: "trust this device"
Logging into your Pleo account: "trust this device"

Click "remember me in this browser" to avoid a verification email when you log into Pleo

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SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) is a necessary step to keep your Pleo account secure. However, we have simplified this secure login process by giving you the option to trust your device.

Right now you are required to verify your identity via email when logging into Pleo. However, it is possible to avoid doing this on each login by simply checking the box "Remember me in this browser".

This action means that your device will be trusted and not ask for the email verification step when you log in the next time. The trust is valid for one year before you need to redo the process. However, if you actively log out of your account, you will need to redo this process again.

Please note:
Trust is only given on the specific device and the specific browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox etc). On your mobile app, the trust will be given automatically after the first time you log in with the SCA.

If you are a multiple account holder it is currently not possible to keep all accounts on a trust login level.

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