In some cases a transaction made on your personal card with DriveNow may result in an identical transaction appearing as "Pending" in your Pleo Expenses, along with a push notification to your Pleo app - despite the fact that you selected your personal card for the payment.

You should first know that this is nothing to be worried about - the pending amount will not be deducted from your Pleo card unless you actually selected it and the pending transaction will disappear once the merchant has fully processed the payment from your personal card. This means there is no need to upload a receipt :)

The reason for this situation is that some merchants, such as DriveNow, will "authorise" a charged amount to all cards attached to an account, even if a specific card was selected.

This means that both your personal AND Pleo accounts will receive an "authorisation" or pending transaction for the same amount. However, when the transaction is completed only the originally selected card will be charged, while the other card will receive an authorisation reversal and the pending transaction will disappear.

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