If you have access to your Pleo account, you can easily change your passcode or phone number by going to your Profile Settings either in the Pleo app or web browser. See more in this article.

Here’s what to do if you have forgotten a passcode or do not have access to your phone number any longer:

For an admin

  1. Contact Pleo’s support team through the chat or through support@pleo.io

  2. You will be asked to give a proof of transfer: A screenshot from your company bank account that shows the latest transfer from your company bank account to the Pleo account. This is how we verify you as a user and make sure your account is safe.

  3. After this, our support team will send you a reset link to your email

If you have another admin in the company, they can also help you reset your passcode and phone number

For an employee

  1. Contact your Pleo admin and ask them to reset your passcode / phone number

  2. Your admin can then send a reset link to your email inbox where you can go through the reset flow. You can share this article to your Pleo admin to see how they can reset your passcode or phone number!

Quick tips to keep your Pleo account secure

  1. Always have the newest version of the Pleo app on your device

  2. Don't share your passcode or details with anyone else

  3. Make sure that your mobile number is up-to-date in Pleo

  4. Remember that sharing the 2-Factor Authentication elements (those details you use to log in) will impact the security of your account

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