How foreign transaction fees work

All you need to know about the foreign transaction fee

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Using your Pleo card abroad:

Once you have activated your Pleo card, you can easily use it abroad to make purchases as well as withdraw cash at ATMs. We always recommend you to choose the local currency when making transactions in foreign countries since additional fees may apply if you choose to pay in your local currency.

What is a foreign transaction fee:

A foreign transaction fee or an FX fee is an extra cost that is added on to your expense when you make a purchase that passes through a foreign bank or is in a currency other than your local one.

What is the cost of using my Pleo card abroad?

The applicable FX fee for your Pleo card can be found in the relevant Terms and Conditions available here:

When making transactions abroad, you should also consider the exchange rate at the moment of purchase. In Pleo, we use MasterCard's exchange rate which you can also check using the link below.

For your own reference, you can also check the European Banking Authority's exchange rate here:

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