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Setting up the lexoffice integration
Setting up the lexoffice integration

Learn how to connect Pleo and lexoffice, what data is synced and how to reconcile expenses.

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Before you get started

Just a heads up that lexoffice is not compatible with Pleo Pocket expenses. If you don't use Pocket, please jump to the next section.

Connect Lexoffice and Pleo

  1. Click on "Settings".

  2. Click "Accounting."

  3. Select "Lexoffice" from the available options:

  4. Log in and click "allow access" to your Pleo App.

What data is synced between Pleo and lexoffice?

  • When Pleo is connected to lexoffice, a bank account for Pleo expenses is automatically created within lexoffice. This represents your Pleo Wallet:

  • "Categories" in Pleo reflect your chart of account names in lexoffice. When you set up your categories after enabling the integration, the drop-down menu in Pleo will automatically reflect your account names (either numerical or textual) in lexoffice. That said, you will need to give the specific category (account number) a name in Pleo that will be easy for employees to understand when adding details to their purchases.

  • Once you enable the integration, tax codes from lexoffice are automatically populated in Pleo.

How to reconcile your Pleo expenses

When you connect Pleo to lexoffice, a direct feed is automatically enabled. Meaning that when any of your colleagues pay with their Pleo card, the transactions are automatically synced to your lexoffice account. To reconcile:

  1. In lexoffice, go to the "Zuordnungsvorschläge" (suggested allocations) tab and approve the reconciliation suggestions. Once done, all reconciled expenses will appear in the "Alle Umsätze" (all expenses) tab:

What if you've exported but don't see your Pleo expenses?

  1. Double check that your expenses were exported. To do so, go to the "Belege" (Receipts) page in lexoffice.

  2. If:

  • You see something like this (Pleo Transaction in the below image), then your export from Pleo worked. If the export worked but nothing comes up under "Zuordnungsvorschläge", that means something went wrong with the direct feed. We won't necessarily know exactly what went wrong (technology is a bit of a mystery sometimes), but we can fix it. Please contact our support team and we will manually re-trigger the direct feed from our system.

  • If you don't see anything from Pleo under "Belege," then the export failed. You should see an export error in Pleo. This might happen if, for example, you connected the Lexoffice integration after you already made payments for your Pleo card. In this case, any expenses from before the time you set up the integration will fail. The reason is because the bank feed was not active at the time of the purchase(s), and so Lexoffice has nothing to match the export to. In this case, please reach out to our support team, and we can retroactively trigger the Lexoffice bank feed for the "old" expenses. Once that's done, the export should work!

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