You might experience that an employee needs to make a purchase which exceeds what is left on his or her account and you want to reset their total spending limit

With a few clicks that can be immediately done, just following these 6 steps :

Note: only Pleo admins can reset spending limits.

  • Login to your Pleo account
  • Click People in the left bar
  • Click the edit icon which appears when you place your cursor over an employee
  • In the edit window click reset
  • A pop-up window will prompt you to confirm your action, click Confirm
  • You have now reset to 0% of limit reached and you can click Done in the bottom of the edit window

If a user reached the monthly limit, you can simply increase this and the user will be able to make payments again.

Cards disabled due to monthly limits are automatically re-enabled the first day of each calendar month (at midnight GMT).

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