What is Fetch?

Fetch helps you find receipts for online expenses that get emailed to you. Consider that monthly Dropbox receipt, or the email you get after finishing your Uber trip. No need to copy/paste or Share to Pleo - instead you can just sit back and relax and let Fetch do the searching.

Security and Privacy

Fetch requires read access to your inbox, which is not something we take lightly. Read all about the measures we've taken to protect your privacy and security.

Which versions of Microsoft 365 are supported?

Fetch will work with any cloud-based email service by Microsoft, i.e. Office 365 (Outlook) or Exchange Online.

How to setup Fetch as a Pleo user

Getting started with Fetch is easy:

  • Mobile: Head to Account and tap the Power-ups.

  • Desktop: Head to Settings, then My Account and click on Power-ups.

  • Toggle Fetch and follow the steps to connect your Microsoft email account.

Permission issues?

When trying to connect your account, you might discover you don't have the right permissions to do so. Depending on the organisation's settings, you can either directly request access which will trigger an email to your admin and would be the easiest way to resolve the permission issue.

If you don't see that option, you'll have to get in touch with your admin and ask to approve Fetch. Providing them a link to this article will be useful.

How to provide access to Fetch as an IT administrator

As an administrator, you can approve the app for the entire organisation so all users can safely use Fetch. You can do so by following the instructions for enabling user consent to apps: "Managing user consent to apps in Microsoft 365".

Depending on your organisation you may also need to grant access in advance to anyone who wants to use Fetch. To do so following the instructions to "Grant tenant-wide admin consent to an application in Azure Active Directory"

Note: you need to have global admin rights for your organisation to make this approval.

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