If your Pleo card has been lost, misplaced or stolen, proceed by freezing it from your Pleo mobile app, or by logging into Pleo on a browser. 

To freeze your card, follow these steps: 

  1. In your Pleo account, go to Cards 

  2. Select the relevant card, either Plastic or Virtual, then click on Freeze

  3. Enter your passcode when prompted and your card will be frozen, making sure that no unwanted transactions go through. 

If you are certain that your card has gone missing permanently, you can mark it as lost or stolen after freezing it. To do that, click on the button Lost or Stolen under your card icon.
In this case, the card will be permanently disabled. If it's a plastic card, your Pleo Admin will need to order a replacement card for you. If it's your virtual card, you can activate a new one yourself in the Pleo app. 

Are you a reviewer? You can also mark the card as lost or stolen for your employees in the Pleo web app, under the Plastic Cards tab in the People menu.

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