A Pleo virtual card is a prepaid Mastercard® that works just like any other plastic payment card, but is accessible only electronically.

Once an employee is invited into Pleo, they receive a Pleo virtual card by default: a 16-digit card number, expiry date and three-digit security number are instantly created and displayed on the screen to the user in the Pleo web and mobile app - along with the billing address details. 

Pleo virtual cards can be a good solution for employees who mainly make purchases online (i.e. subscriptions to online services and tools, e-commerce shops, online bookings and other online purchases) as it is always accessible from your phone or computer. 

To access Pleo virtual card details you need to unlock it with your passcode each time you use it, since it is encrypted for safety and only accessible by the person it has been assigned to.

Remember that in order to use Pleo virtual cards, there has to be sufficient funds in you Pleo Account. 

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