Can you use the Pleo card without downloading the mobile app?

Whilst in store transactions can be made normally without the Pleo app, for some online transactions you may need to approve a verification alert that is sent to your Pleo mobile app. The mobile app is required to approve this. Aside form this, not using the Pleo app will only be giving you a portion of the benefits of Pleo!

Using the mobile app will allow you to

  • See your spending in real time

  • Upload receipts to your expenses instantly

  • Approve and verify certain purchases

  • Manage your cards, and check your PIN code on the go

Pleo virtual card details can also be accessed through the Pleo web app along with the expenses made with the Pleo cards.

But we suggest downloading the mobile app to get the full experience, you can download the app via the The App Store for iOS or Google Play Store for Android.

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