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How to activate your Pleo card
How to activate your Pleo card

It's easy to activate your new Pleo card in the app

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With Pleo, you can have both a physical and virtual assigned to your account. As there are 2 different cards you will need to activate them separately. But that's easy!

Activate your Virtual Card

  1. In the Pleo mobile app, click on the card icon

  2. Select the virtual card (yellow)

  3. Tap Activate card and enter your passcode or use biometrics - Done!

  4. If you use the web page: Click on My cards --> Unlock my card and enter your passcode.

Pair your Physical Card

  1. Open the mobile app and click on the card icon

  2. Tap on grey physical card

  3. Select the ➕ button OR tap on Pair card

  4. Enter your Passcode/Biometrics

  5. Enter the last four digits of your Pleo physical card

  6. Paired! Now click on Show Pin to view the PIN code to purchase in store.

Already have a card paired?
You want to use a new card but see one already paired? You just need to cancel this card first. Here is how:

  1. Click the Freeze button and confirm with your Passcode/Biometrics.

  2. Then select this cards Lost or Stolen button in order to deactivate it.

  3. Now, you will have the option to pair a new card and follow the above steps.

Important to note:

Pleo cards are associated with individual employees. Each employee has to pair/activate their own Pleo card.

Admins can view all unpaired cards by heading to the people page and clicking on the physical cards tab. On the right hand side at the top you can filter by all or unpaired.

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