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Where is the money held?
Where is the money held?

Find out how Pleo securely handles your funds

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At Pleo, as a highly regulated financial service we take your fund security seriously. That is why we have partnered with the worlds leading banks in keeping your money safe!

What happens when I transfer?

When transferring money to your designated Pleo Account, your money will be held in a segregated account with Danske Bank or JP Morgan. This means that neither Pleo nor anyone else can access your money and it is thoroughly protected.

Pleo partners

JP Morgan is designated as a Systematically Important Financial Institution by the United States' Federal Reserve, with the highest rating.

Danske Bank is designated as a Systematically Important Financial Institution by the Danish Central Bank.

If anything happens to Pleo, is my money safe?

In the case of Pleo Technologies A/S and/or Pleo Financial Services A/S being rendered insolvent, customer funds and your rights in regards to them will be unaffected.

As a customer of Pleo your funds are stored in a segregated Customer Funds account held with JP Morgan and/or Danske Bank A/S. In the unlikely event of insolvency your money is protected in all circumstances against the claims of any creditor of Pleo, including JP Morgan and Danske Bank themselves.

As a licensed Electronic Money Institution (EMI) Pleo Financial Services A/S is required to adhere to safeguarding requirements and thus to store all customer funds in a separate segregated account.

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