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How to top-up a client's Pleo Wallet
How to top-up a client's Pleo Wallet
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We advise you to transfer money to your clients’ Pleo Wallet as soon as their company has been verified.

If you don't have authority to do this on your client’s behalf, then we advise that you invite an Admin to manage their account . Here's how.

The transfer should arrive from the client's company bank account exclusively, in the form of a regular bank transfer.

To transfer some funds, just head to Wallet from the main menu and click Top-up, where your custom Pleo bank details will be revealed. Open your online bank in another browser tab and make a bank transfer using the new beneficiary account details.

And that's it! You will receive an email as soon as the funds have been allocated to your client's Pleo Wallet.

Here's what the on-screen bank transfer details will look like in the web app:

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