The third (and final) step of getting started is activating the cards in the Pleo mobile app. If you're following these, you are early there now! 

To activate their cards, your clients and their employees should download the Pleo mobile app (it's really easy to use and helps join up all the different bits of the Pleo).

To activate their virtual card, the employee should open their Pleo mobile app 

Go to Cards in the bottom left corner.

Press Create a virtual card. Done!

To pair the plastic one, the employee should use their Pleo mobile app again. 

Go to Cards in the bottom left corner.

Slide left to your plastic card.

Press Pair Your Card.

Enter the last four digits of the long number on the front of the card on their Pleo plastic card. Confirm with your passcode.

The plastic card is now paired and ready to use with the PIN code shown.

Here's how it works:

Good to know: Pleo plastic cards are associated with individual employees. Each employee has to pair their own card within the Pleo mobile app.

Read more about the difference between virtual and plastic cards here.

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