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How to add admin(s) and team members within an accountancy's Pleo account
How to add admin(s) and team members within an accountancy's Pleo account

If you have a Pleo partner account, here's how you can invite your colleagues.

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The first person you invite to your client’s account will have admin access. This means that they can add team members, organise departments, load the company's wallet, order cards… and generally have full control and visibility over account settings, you get the picture!

You can have multiple Admin roles per company, and can always add or remove Admins as needed.

This contact can be added either during the verification process, or after the business has been verified.

To invite an admin to their Pleo account, just go to People in the main menu and select "Add admin" in the top right corner.

Once the client’s company is verified, you (or the Admin) need to set up the team members in Pleo. This might be a handful of employees or better yet, the whole company!

To invite users into Pleo, just head to People and click Add Member in the top right corner, entering their First Name and Email Address.

Handy tip! A speedy way to add multiple contacts in bulk is by copy/pasting names and email addresses. Hit Invite and an email invite will be sent to all of them.

Good to know: if the invitation fails, double check that there are no empty spaces at either end of the e-mail address(es).

A virtual Pleo card is immediately available to the employee once they accept their invite and activate it in their Pleo phone app.

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