How to add an accounting practice to your Pleo account
How to invite a Pleo partner accountancy to help manage your bookkeeping tasks
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If you've invited an external bookkeeper to your Pleo account and they work for a larger accountancy firm, you may get notified that you're adding an accounting practice.

Giving an accounting practice access to your Pleo account means that more than one bookkeeper can help with the accounting of your business expenses.

You can always which accountancy firm, and which individual bookkeepers from said firm, are helping you with Pleo. You can always change their access level if needed.

  1. Go to "People".

  2. Click on the "Accountant" tab.

  3. If you want to either change their access level, or remove the accountancy entirely, click the three dots (as shown in the below image), and follow the on-screen instructions:

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