Every now and again you run into situations where a card payment just doesn't cut it: you might find yourself in a shop that doesn't take card payments or you have a mileage expense to handle for instance. For those cases we have put Pleo Pocket in place.

What is Pleo Pocket?

Pleo Pocket is the place where you keep track of all expenses done with cash or private funds, as well as the reimbursements that go with this.

How it works

  1. Next time you'll make an ATM withdrawal, you'll see a new section titled "Cash remaining" appearing!
  2. Add any expense you make that couldn't be paid with your Pleo card by using the new plus button in the top right corner.
  3. Snap a picture of the receipt, just like you're used to.
  4. Fill out the basic purchase information: the date you bought something, the place you bought it from and the amount
  5. Add a note, tag or category like you always do.
  6. Done submitting? Your expense will show up in your feed and "Cash remaining" will automatically be adjusted.
  7. Spent more than you had in cash remaining? Then we'll instead add a section "Owed to you" on the top of your feed.
  8. Time to settle up? Get in touch with your admin and hand back cash or get reimbursed.

With Pleo Pocket, you'll also discover a new Plus button in the top right of your mobile app. This is where you start to add any cash purchases.

Important: cash from a foreign ATM

ATM withdrawals should always be without conversion. If the machine asks you if you'd rather pay in your home currency, always reject. Two rules of thumb:

  1. Always choose to pay in the currency of the place you are in
  2. Always continue without conversion

This way you're saved a usually expense conversion fee from the local ATM machine.

FAQ & Beta limitations

Why don't I see the plus button in my mobile app?

That's probably due to accounting settings not being completed yet. Admins can finish this setup. Here's a guide on how to do that.

How can I edit an expense? [Beta limitation]

As of yet, you can't! We understand that can be a bit annoying. Just write out to support and we'll make sure to help you achieve what you need in no time.

Can I spend more than the "Cash remaining"?

It's something that happens in reality, so it's also possible in Pleo. You'll notice that your balance now flips from "Cash remaining" to "Owed to you".

What do I do if I didn't get a receipt?

Woops! Especially for cash expenses, receipts are very important. That's why we made it a required step in the flow to add a receipt. If you don't have one: 1) make a picture of anything so you can finish adding your expense, 2) delete the picture and 3) add a "Missing receipt" note.

The amount in Cash remaining is slightly higher than what I withdrew

The difference between the two is most likely a fee that the local ATM machine charged for the withdrawal. You should have gotten a receipt for this fee, and it's in essence a manual expense. So just hit the plus button in the app, snap a picture of the receipt and add the fee amount as an expense. Your "Cash remaining" balance should now be right.

How do we get even again?

One way to get even between the company and the user is to simply spend any cash remaining. When you find yourself in the situation where the company owes money to the employee, one of the admins of the company can simply register a reimbursement.

How is the money for a reimbursement transferred?

For now - the actual money transfer still happens outside of Pleo, for instance through your payroll system or a regular bank transfer. We are looking into ways to handle this with a single click.

Pleo Pocket is still a Beta feature, we're working hard to develop it into a fully mature feature. If you have any feedback along the way, please don't hesitate to reach out to the Product Manager for this feature at aimee@pleo.io.

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