With Pleo Premium, you have the option to add our Business Travel Insurance from AXA Partners to your Pleo card, on a per-user one year commitment basis.

What does the insurance cost?
The cost for the insurance is shown on your Pleo Premium contract. If your contract doesn't show any insurance details, please contact your Pleo account responsible or support@pleo.io, and we'll be in touch with pricing, terms and conditions as well as an insurance product information document (IPID).

How do I specify who should be covered with the Pleo Travel Insurance from AXA Partners?
Make sure that the team members you want to insure is invited to Pleo. Then send over the emails that the team members is registered with to your Pleo account responsible or support@pleo.io.

Can I change who's covered in the middle of my contact period?
No, a Pleo user's insurance is effective for a term one year, and can't be transferred to another user. If a Pleo user with insurance is removed from Pleo, their coverage is cancelled immediately, but you will still be billed for the insurance until the end of the term.

Does my insurance renew?
Yes, Pleo users' travel insurances auto-renew for another year, unless you have provided written notice of cancellation to insurance@pleo.io at least 30 days before the end of a term.

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