The way to appoint Pleo as your foreign VAT agent varies depending on your company's home country. You only need to appoint us as your agent in your company's home country, regardless of where we reclaim VAT on your behalf.
Please note, Pleo is not in control over how the authorisation process works - this is completely up to the individual tax authorities and their systems.

🇩🇰 Denmark

  1. Log in to SKAT TastSelv Erhverv
  2. Go to Profil in the top navigation
  3. Choose Rettigheder til TastSelv in the sidebar to the left
  4. Choose Autoriser revisor m.fl. in the sidebar to the left
  5. Select Momsrefusion under Rettigheder and press the arrow
  6. Enter Pleo's company number, 36538686 in Cvr-/se-nr. and press Gem

The change is effective within a few minutes. 

🇬🇧 United Kingdom

  1. In the reclaim sign up form, you need to enter your:
    - VAT Registration Number (help)
    - Principal Place of Business postcode (help)
    - Date of registration for VAT (help)
    - Final month of last VAT return submitted (help)
    - Box 5 figure on last VAT return submitted (help)
  2. Within 7 working days, you'll receive a letter from the HMRC (see example below) to your principal place of business address with an authorisation code - you'll need to send us this code within 30 days to confirm the access

🇸🇪 Sweden

  1. During the sign-up flow, you're presented with a pre-filled form SKV 4862/4852 from Skatteverket - this must be signed by the signatories ("underskrift av behörig firmatecknare") of the company and the original form with pen-in-hand-signatures has to be sent to:
    205 31 Malmö
  2. Pleo will inform you when we've received access to reclaim VAT on your behalf

Note: a digital or digitally drawn signature is not accepted by Skatteverket.

🇩🇪 Germany

  1. During the sign-up flow, you're presented with a pre-filled power of attorney that you need to sign pen-in-hand, scan and upload on the page
  2. That's it - das war einfach!
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