As a company within the European Single Market, you have the right to operate freely in any of the participating countries, on equal terms to local businesses. One of the benefits of this is that you can recover foreignly paid VAT when it falls under EU regulations.

Or, even better when you're a customer on our Premium-plan, you can let Pleo deal with your foreign VAT for you. This way, you don't have to worry about whether the expense was for a Seminar (EU VAT code 10.9.2) or Education (10.9.3).

What VAT types can be reclaimed?
With 32 participating countries, there are 32 sets of VAT rules to follow along with 32 sets of exceptions (if you're curious, there's a nice set of vademecums for the 28 EU counties here). Typical reclaimable VAT through this scheme is travel expenses - however, this varies country-by-country.

Non-reclaimable VAT includes:

  • MOSS VAT on digital services (link)

  • VAT that should've been reverse charged

Who can get Pleo Reclaim?
Any Pleo company on our Premium plan that are registered for VAT in your local country. If you sell goods or services that are partly or completely VAT-exempt, we can only reclaim part of your expenditure.

Important: Please read our Terms of Service here

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