You are billed for Pleo at the beginning of every month where you pay for your usage prospectively. Your monthly bill is based by the number of users that you have added to your Pleo account where you pay per user. See pricing page

Find out how many users you have in your Pleo account:

  1. Log into your Pleo account
  2. Click on People in the left side menu
  3. You will now have the full overview of your users

Make sure you pay for the right users

If a user is no longer with your company or does not need a Pleo card anymore, you should always delete them from your account. Unless you remove the users you do not need, they will be included in your bill. How can I remove users from Pleo? 

Exception: You do not pay for external bookkeepers if they have been invited as such. You only pay for users that can have a Pleo card. Invite an external bookkeeper.

Set up your billing 

You are charged from the Pleo card that is attached from your billing page:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Billing from the sections visible on top of the page
  3. Under Method, you will see which Pleo card is added to the billing
  4. Click Change card to update the card used for billing and update
  5. Funds will be charged from the chosen Pleo card going forward

Unsure about your billing?

You are always welcome to reach out to us in order to understand what plan suits your company the best or if you have any questions related to your billing.

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