Using Xero with Pleo’s direct feed works similarly as your bank feed, but because Pleo also includes metadata like receipts, nominal codes and VAT:s, you need to bring that data through a well. So with direct feed, you will get the transactional data automatically, but then you push the metadata from Pleo. So first data package comes in automatically, the other one you need to push from Pleo to Xero

Here's how to do it:

  • After you have reviewed your expenses and you are ready to export to Xero, choose expenses that are reviewed and click “Add to Export Queue”.

  • Now you will see the expenses in Export Queue. If you want to edit some transactions, you need to remove it from the Queue back to the Unexported stage.

  • Once you click Export, you will see a progress bar. Once the export is done, just go to Xero and to your Pleo account.

  • Go to Reconcile tab in the Pleo account.

  1. The statement data that comes automatically from Pleo two times a day (Only amount, date and the merchant - which you can see on the left side.

  2. Then you have pushed the metadata (receipts, nominal codes and vat) from Pleo manually like we did before. You will see this metadata in the Reconcile tab, on the right side of each expense in green.

  3. Now you can reconcile the ones that have a match by clicking OK from the middle of each expense

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