In Sweden we have decided to partner up with the largest bookkeeping softwares. In order to connect your Pleo account with Visma eEkonomi, simply follow these steps.

Connect Visma eEkonomi and Pleo ūüĒĄ

  • Make sure the integrations module is active in Visma eEkonomi.
  • Choose Visma eEkonomi under "Settings - Accounting"
  • Follow the steps and log in to Visma eEkonomi. If you have multiple account, make sure to use the one that you want to connect to Pleo.¬†
  • Your Pleo account should now be connected to Visma eEkonomi

How to setup the integration

Once connected, you can set up the accounts that fit your system.

  • First box is the verification series: This will be a letter, which will be the prefix every verification. Many customers choose to use the letter P for Pleo, but you can also use any other fitting letter. Remember to set this up in Visma eEkonomi aswell.
  • Second step is to setup a Contra account number. We recommend customers to create a new account in the chart of accounts, using a number 194* for Pleo. Just as you would for a bank account.
  • Third step is to chose ingoing VAT account for normal expenses, usually 2641.

How to setup your Tax accounts

  1. In the tax code table, add all the standard VAT rates (0%, 6%, 12%, 25%). The Standard codes only let you edit the name and rate. 
  2. You can also create a tax code for reverse VAT. Just create a new code and choose "Reverse" under type. Then you can choose the right rate and accounts (ingoing and outgoing)

How to setup your categories

  • Head to "Settings - Categories"
  • You will be greeted by 9 main categories set by Mastercard, these are not editable
  • Under each category you can create as many sub-categories as you would like, see example below.
  • Pro tip: make the names of the sub-categories as logical and simple as possible so your users know what to chose.

How to setup Cost centers and projects

  • To add Cost centers (Kostnadsst√§lle) and projects, head to Tags.
  • Create tag group in the top right corner called Projekt or Kostnadsst√§lle
  • Click on import in the top tight and choose "Visma eEkonomi Dimension"
  • Select the right dimension from your list in Visma eEkonomi
  • Done - all your users will be able to choose these tags while doing expenses

How to export to Visma eEkonomi

  • Choose "Export" on the left menu
  • Administrate all the expenses
  • Add the transactions you want to export to the export queue
  • Go to the export queue and click export
  • All chosen transactions will be transferred over to Visma eEkonomi

How the purchase looks in Visma eEkonomi

When you go to bookkeeping and chose the verification series that you create with Pleo, you will find a list of all the expenses made with Pleo.

Upon clicking on an expense you will see the following data. In the top boxes, you will have 

  • the description (Merchant - User - Receipt number)
  • the chosen verification series, in this case "P - Pleo"
  • the bookkeeping date
  • The cost center
  • The project code
  • The receipt attached to the right

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