Pleo administrators will be able to order new cards for free for all existing and new users as soon as they receive the initial communication email from us.

The first time administrators access their account after receiving this initial email, they will be prompted to place their order. 

Alternatively, administrators will also have the option to order cards from the Plastic Cards section of their account. 

After clicking on the banner on the top of the Plastic Cards page or the button Order cards, the system will automatically redirect the administrator to the card ordering page and pre-define the number of cards based on the current amount of users in your company. Nevertheless, you will be able to order extra cards for new team members joining Pleo.*

Once you have defined the number of cards you would like to receive, you will be able to verify the address they will delivered to and confirm your order.

Just like your current cards, your new Pleo cards will include your company's name on the front.

*You can order up to double the amount of current users: for instance, if your company currently has 15 users, you will be able to order up to 30 cards free or charge. If you need additional cards, you can just reach out to our customer support team directly from the card order flow or emailing

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