It has never been easier to move all your Pleo expenses into Quickbooks. Just follow the below steps, and . . . hello sleek processes.   

⚙ Setting up: 

  1. Click on your profile image in the lower left hand corner and select Settings
  2. From the menu option, select Accounting
  3. Select Quickbooks Online as your accounting system. 
  4. You will be prompted to connect your Quickbooks account with Pleo on a separate page. 
  5. Log in and click Next
  6. Now connected, select your Pleo bank account that you have set up in Quickbooks.  Read here how to create the Pleo bank account in your Quickbooks

      4. Click Save.  
      5. Next, click on Categories  to map your chart of accounts into Pleo.
      6. Click on  ▼ under Account no. to add to your categories.     

7. Finally your Tax codes will default to the % applied to your Chart of accounts or you can select them to apply to your category. 

Set up complete! 


  1. Go to Export
  2. Select your transactions on Unexported page and process here. 
  3.  Once amended move to Export Queue. 
  4.  Now you can click the blue export button to move across to Quickbooks. 
  5.  Done! 

All your transactions will now sit under your Pleo bank account in Quickbooks with Receipts attached to each expense.
Ta-da 🎉

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at or the in-app chat. 

Other important settings

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