As you might have already heard, Pleo cards are changing and we are currently moving from prepaid to commercial cards.

What does it mean?

The reason we are changing our cards is to offer an improved version of Pleo to all users and, as such, our new cards are:

  • More widely-accepted (including Google AdWorks, Microsoft Azure and car rental)

  • More stable, so you can be certain you can always rely on your Pleo card

  • More secure, meaning your company is even safer from fraud

When will this happen?

Over the upcoming months, each Pleo administrator will receive an email informing them it is time to replace existing cards and describing the steps to follow.

Until that time, no action is needed on your company's end.

What are the next steps?

Once administrators have been informed that the time to switch cards has come, they will be able to order cards for all users directly from their account. Furthermore, old cards will remain active for 30 additional days since the day we reach out to the administrator to ensure there is enough time for card delivery and activation before old cards expire.

Ordering new Pleo cards costs you nothing, so you may want to take the opportunity to invite other people to join this improved version of Pleo. We recommend ordering and activating cards as soon as possible after we reach out to you to ensure an easy and smooth transition.


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