Welcome to this help page allowing you to better understand the recent change to our export process (as of November 20th 2019). Before we dive into the details let's start by understanding why we're doing this now.

Why the change

The previous date-range based export and the process in the Manage Expense page was the first version ever of this in Pleo. That meant anyone with an admin, finance, bookkeeper or accountant role could process and export expenses from Pleo, their new, real-time and transparent expenses management platform.

However, we've lately pushed much more for improving the experience in Pleo for everyone working in an admin, finance, bookkeeper or accountant role. And we recognised that the previous way was:

  • Too prone to error, e.g. exporting expenses with information that has changed without the exporting person knowing so.
  • Unclear and unhelpful, e.g. all expenses from day zero in one view with no way of clearly understanding if it has been exported or not.
  • Not scalable in performance for you as your company would spend more and more, creating more and more expenses.

But most importantly:

  1. the process didn't fit the future paradigm of real time reconciliation we're going for, and
  2. It left you frustrated and not at all assured that all is good and that you have worked on what matters in Pleo.

From date-range based to partial export

In the new version you'll be able to easily export all those expenses that are fine while keeping those few expenses that still needs more information. You can choose to export the expenses one by one or in larger batches based on whatever filter you apply. This way you're always on top of what you have exported and what you haven't.

To give you this overview, we've introduced three lanes:

  • the 'Unexported' lane
  • the 'Export queue' lane
  • the 'Exported' lane

Expenses can move between these three lanes depending on your actions, and you can focus on working towards an inbox zero state in the 'Unexported' area.

How it works in details

Every new expense that settles (what we refer to as a presentment) will show up in 'Unexported'. They will be preselected for faster processing if they meet three parameters:

  • A receipt has been added
  • A category with an associated account number has been added
  • The expense is not pending any reviews

This preselection is editable. You can deselect or select more expenses as you wish. This way you decide which expenses move to the queue, and which ones get exported from there.

A locked expense

An important concept we're introducing is the concept of a locked expense. Whenever an expense moves to the queue, it locks. This means no one can change the information on that expense any longer. If you change your mind, you can always move the expense back from the queue and change information.

However, once it has been exported there's no taking it back. The expense is now locked in the state it was exported from.

Receipts can however always be added or downloaded, if needed.

NB! Make sure your users keep updating to the newest mobile versions as we'll release a version that supports this new locked state so they better understand why they cannot amend the expense anymore. Otherwise, their experience around this will be suboptimal.

Re-export and download

Re-exporting already exported expensed can be done via the 'Exported' lane, but still only in the state that they were first exported in.

If you need to download a batch of specific expenses based on a filter you want to apply for other purposes than reconciliation, you can achieve this from the 'All' list.
You can download the expenses in a generic .csv/.xlsx format, unassociated with the accounting system you have chosen in Pleo.

Make sure to update your mobile app

In order to get the best experience on mobile looking at locked expenses, make sure to update to the latest mobile version. This is especially important for expense owners so they can understand when someone from the company have processed and exported their expenses.

Transition period with both the current and new process

We will keep both the previous process (accessed through either the Export page or the Manage Expenses page) and the new processed (called Export Beta) in place in Pleo for some time. Setting the new process live we automatically assigned the 21st of November as a switch date. This means you will have to process expenses that settles before this date through the previous process. Any expense that settles from that date and forward will instead appear for process in the new Export Beta page.
When we're confident every Pleo customers have closed all expenses before the switch date, we'll remove the previous process entirely and migrate all "old" expenses to the Exported lane. We'll notify you around this in due time.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Kasper, our Product Manager leading up this change, at kasper@pleo.io.

You can see a few designs of the coming process here:

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