If you already have set up the Pleo to Xero integration, as described here, you can also enable the Direct Feed by following the steps below.

  1. Go to the Pleo web app

  2. Click on your profile image in the lower left hand corner and select Settings

  3. From the menu option, select Accounting

  4. Under the Direct Feed section, click the square box in order to enable the feature

Head to Xero and refresh your Pleo bank account page to verify it is enabled by seeing a Pleo logo like this:

How does it work

From the point in time of enabling the feed, Pleo will twice a day at 8am and 1pm (UTC) automatically send the statement data of the newest presentments from Pleo to the Reconcile feed in your Pleo bank account.

The statement data consists of:

  • The presentment date

  • The amount

  • The merchant

Read more here on the difference between authorisations and presentments.

In Xero this will give you a real time overview of activity in Pleo and the newest balance. It will also indicate to you that Pleo still contains un-exported and therefore unreconciled expenses (more on this later).

Once you then manually export the expenses from Pleo, all of the expense metadata (expense owner, receipt, codes, note, VAT, tracking categories) will also be exported directly into the Account transactions feed in Xero. From here you can reconcile, but you can also choose to reconcile from the Reconcile feed depending on your preferred work flow. 

Best practice

There is a few things to note before enabling the Direct Feed

  1. Make sure you're up to date in terms of reconciliation of the latest expenses in Pleo. Once up to date, then enable the feed. 

  2. Since you might be doing this in the middle of your financial year, the Statement balance in Xero will start from 0, while your Xero balance should be showing the same as the balance in Pleo. In order to sync the Statement balance to the Xero balance, change it in Xero by following these steps.

Once the direct feed is enabled you'll be able to see on the Statement balance in Xero if there are new presentments coming from Pleo and expenses needing reconciliation, as it will differ from the Xero balance until you have reconciled.

We hope this enhancement of your Xero integration will bring you an even better real time overview!

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