Receipt Finder is the latest addition to our range of tools to help you spend less time finding and attaching receipts. Once you connect Receipt Finder to your Gmail inbox, it will automatically try to find any receipts sent to your email.

Is this relevant for me?

Receipt Finder will save you time as long as you make purchases online at time. It's especially relevant when you:

  • ...have software subscriptions. Receipt Finder will automatically find that Slack payment for you!

  • ...make a lot of travel bookings. Airbnb, Booking, Easyjet, Uber - you name it! We'll likely find you a receipt.

How to: connect Receipt Finder

Note: Receipt Finder is currently only available for selected companies in our Beta Programme and on mobile version 2.12.0 and higher.

  1. In the Pleo app on your phone (v2.12.0 or higher), go to the 'Accounts" tab (bottom right, represented by the person icon).

  2. In the new section called "Power-ups", enable "Receipt Finder"

  3. Swipe through the different information screens and click "Connect my inbox"

  4. Select the Google account you will receive receipts from company expenses on

  5. Allow Pleo access to your Google email

That's all! From now on Receipt Finder will start looking for receipts of all incoming expenses and attach it to the right expense in Pleo when it finds it!

What makes it a Beta programme?

We love to hear your feedback!

Most importantly, we want to test the waters with a small group of dedicated users and hear what we can improve before we do a full roll-out. That why we'd love for you to get in touch with us - it can be about anything from weird wording to broken functionality. You can always reach out on the chat, or send an email to

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Well it's brand new, so nothing has been asked frequently yet 😉. But we can imagine you want to be sure that connecting Receipt Finder is safe. For all other questions, please reach out on chat or send an email directly to .

Is it safe to connect my Gmail inbox?

Absolutely - we understand there's sensitive and private stuff going on in your inbox. That's why we will never store your emails on our servers or access any more information than receipts. You can read all about the privacy and safety concerns of our Gmail integration here.

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