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Pleo and accounting
Pleo and the SIE format
Setting up the SIE file (for customers in Sweden)
Setting up the SIE file (for customers in Sweden)

Learn how to set up and administrate the SIE file for a quick export to any Swedish Accounting system

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We are excited to offer an SIE file to ensure all your transactions end up in the right place in your accounting.

Connect Pleo to the SIE file

  • Click on Settings

  • From the menu option, select Accounting

  • Select SIE from the available options

Setting up the file

Once connected, you can set up the accounts that fit your system.

  • Choose verification series: This will be a letter, which will prefix every verification. Many customers choose to create a new verification series and use the letter P for Pleo, but you can also use any other fitting letter. Remember to set this up as "Manuell kontering" in Fortnox.

  • Setup a Contra account number. We recommend customers to create a new account in the chart of accounts, using a number 194* for Pleo. Just as you would for a bank account.

  • Choose a bank account for your Pleo Pocket expenses. This will be the transition account to which the expenses are accounted against until they have been reimbursed.

  • Choose a Pocket reimbursement account. This will typically be the account from which you send the reimbursement.

  • Last but not least is the ingoing VAT account for normal expenses, usually 2641 in Sweden.

To add Cost centers (Kostnadsställe) and projects, head to Settings - Tags.

Start by creating a tag group named either: 

  • SIE Projekt (columns should be "Namn" and "Projektnr")

  • SIE Kostnadsställe (columns should be "Namn" and "Kod")

Next step is to import an excel file containing the name and code which you can find in your bookkeeping system (either under the project module or the cost centers).

When you have imported, you will be greeted by the column mapping pop-up. In tag label, choose the name. In tag ID, choose the code.

Other important settings

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