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  1. Log into e-conomic 
  2. Go to All settings
  3. Go to Chart of Accounts and create a New account
    Make sure the Type is set as Balance sheet.
    Enter an unused account number - name it Pleo - and save.
  4. Go to Journals and create a New Journal
    Name it Pleo and save.

  1. Log into Pleo (Make sure you have admin rights)
  2. Click on your profile image in the lower left hand corner and select Settings
  3. From the menu option, select Accounting
  4. Choose e-conomic as your accounting software
  5. Select your type of e-conomic agreement and press Connect
  6. Make sure that agreement number is correct and press Add app
  7. Under Pleo bank account number enter the number of the created account.
    Under Pleo Journal Select the journal we created called Pleo

Other important settings

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