Once you have added a client through the Portal, you’ll be sent to the familiar Pleo interface. Head next to Company Info, where you can click Get Started to start the verification process.

That happens in two steps in Pleo:

  1. Confirming what they will use Pleo for
  2. Verifying people

We take financial regulations very seriously. 

We have to ensure that the companies that you onboard, and the people running them, are actually who they say they are, and they will use Pleo for business related purposes. 

The first step are three simple questions around where, what and how much your client expects to use Pleo. Don’t worry, we will never hold you to these answers, they just help us know a little bit more about your client as a user and are used primarily for our compliance team.

The second step is entering home addresses and date(s) of birth for all Registered Directors and Ultimate Beneficial Owners of the company. See why and how here.  

Once these steps are completed, the company is verified. 

Note: If you are more comfortable with getting the client admins to do everything, that is an option too. Just invite the clients admin in as the first step after adding the company to Pleo. 

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