As a regulated financial institution, Pleo has to make sure that the clients you onboard, and the people running them, are who they say they are, and that they will use Pleo for business-related purposes. This article is for our partners who are looking to complete the Pleo verification process on behalf of a client.

It's also possible for an admin of your client's Pleo account to complete the verification process. If that's preferable, please make sure to invite your client’s admin as the first step after registering their client's Pleo account.

How to verify your client's Pleo account

Prerequisite step: Add your client through the Partner Portal.

  1. In your client's Pleo account, click on "Company Info."

  2. Click "Get started."

  3. The first step entails three simple questions about where, what, and how much your client expects to use Pleo. Your answers are not binding; it's simply an estimate that helps Pleo abide by "know your customer" (KYC) guidelines.

  4. The second step is entering home addresses and date(s) of birth for all Registered Directors and Ultimate Beneficial Owners of the company. Learn more about verifying key people.

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