You might have noticed that we now have a referral program, which allows any user to refer Pleo to other companies. Here's some practical information on the referral program.

How it works
The referrer (Pleo user referring Pleo to another company) can access their unique sharing link at Once they have their unique link, they are free to share it with as many people as they want. We will keep track of companies signing up to Pleo with referral codes and make sure to keep referrers updated on the status of their referred companies.

As you'd expect, we're grateful to have the help of our loyal customers in sharing the Pleo message. This is why we're offering a €50 Amazon gift card to each referrer, every time a company they refer starts using Pleo (i.e. makes a transaction). The best part is: there is no limit! Users can refer as many companies as they want, and we'll just keep giving them €50 Amazon gift cards each time a company they refers starts using Pleo.

That's not all. The referred company also gets a reward, which makes the referrer's job even easier. Every referred company will get their first 2 months of Pleo free of charge. This gives them plenty of time to try out Pleo and see if it's the right solution for them.

When and how will the reward be given?
We will send the referrer the Amazon gift card by email as soon as the company they referred makes their first transaction with the Pleo card.

Please note that the referred companies must have at least 10 employees for the referrer to be eligible for the €50 Amazon gift card.

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