With Reviewing, you have a great way of highlighting the few expenses that may need special attention. 

How it works

As an administrator, you can set up a threshold which triggers a review process for any expense that is equal to or exceeds that threshold. The flagged expense will be highlighted for the reviewer of that particular team to assess. 

  • Click on People --> Teams. Then select the team in which you wish to add a reviewer and a threshold.  

  • Set your Threshold

All set! Every expense breaking the set threshold will appear instantly in the reviewers' review feed in both web and mobile versions of Pleo. Reviewers will get an automatic email from Pleo every Wednesday if there are any expenses that need attention.

What happens next?

From here, a reviewer can mark an expense from the list as Okay, Not okay or Needs details

If an expense is marked as Not okay, a push notification is automatically sent to that member to take the needed action. If you have Pleo Pocket set up, the team member can choose to mark this expense as "personal", which will deduct the amount from their Pocket balance.

If a member's expense is marked as Needs details, the member will receive a notification to add the requested details and hit 'Done'. The manager will then be able to finalise the review of the expenses.

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